'Jelena' Break-Up: Barbara Palvin - The Reason Behind the Split?

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The big split that has managed to overrun the popularity of the recent "Robsten" split has finally happened. Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez has finally called it quits over an alleged "cheating" part on the Biebs side. Apparently, Justin has been making some "swag" moves on Victoria's Secret Model, Barbara Palvin as of late of who is the reason behind the "Jelena" split. Who is Barbara Palvin anyway?

For those who have been living under a rock all this time, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been dating for almost two years. The two have been named as one of the most successful couples in the music business. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have also been ranked as one of the sweetest couples in Hollywood next to the famed "Robsten" and "Milesworth" duo.

However, it appears that once again that the famous "Jelena" duo is no more all thanks to the perils of Hollywood paparazzi, rumors and sneaks. Justin and Selena had allegedly called it quits weeks ago even before Justin's stint on Victoria's Secret.

"She broke up with him about a week ago. With them being apart so much it got complicated. She had some trust issues. It's not easy, but the relationship needed to end," claims an insider.

Things between the two became even more complicated following the issue that the reason for the split is none other than the beautiful, Barbara Palvin. Palvin, aged 19, had been on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Catwalk. Barbara and the Biebs apparently got on each other's good books during the show that they both enjoyed a quick date thereafter.  Justin and Barbara were spotted at Broadway where the two enjoyed watching "Lion King."

Adding fuel to the fire, Barbara Palvin had posted a photo of her along with Justin during the Victoria's Secret show. Judging from their proximity and the time they've spent on each other, there is more than friendship between the two as Palvin claims from her last tweet mentioning the Bieber.

"[L]ast time im saying it. please calm down.there is nothing going on w him.i met him and did a pic w him. wouldnt u do the same?:) #friendship," tweeted Palvin last Saturday.

Well, given all the talks, rumors and facts played out by the paparazzi, it's hard not to conclude. If Barbara and the Biebs are really dating then the best of luck to the both of them - plus, rumor has it, Palvin isn't much of a Selena fan.

"I don't like Selena Gomez by the way," said Palvin during a live stream in December when a fan had asked her to cover a SelGo song.

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