"Jelena" Anthem: Justin Bieber Sings New Ballad "Nothing Like Us" About Selena Gomez [PHOTOS & VIDEO]


The Canadian popstar has a new ballad out, and sources close to him say that the song is about his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

After reports of Selena Gomes planning to reveal secrets of her ex-relationship with Justin in her songs, it seems like the Bieber had one step forward. It is said that Justin talks about Selena in his new single out today called "Nothing Like Us."

"It tells the whole story about how he broke up with her, she begged him to take her back, and then he decided he was done for good," shares an Insider as reported by NY Daily News.

"There's nothing like us/ There's nothing like you and me together through the storm." sings Bieber in the song.

Gomez and Bieber parted ways last December after a heated fight during one of their vacations. Another reason for their break-up is Bieber's relationship with model, Barbara Palvin. Like a plot to make Bieber feel bad, Palvin was photographed getting cozy with Selena in one Golden Globes after party.

Selena Gomez has been far from being mum when it comes to the Bieber controversy. She was recorded talking about her recent experiences onstage.

"I've been through a lot the past few months. It's been weird and sad and cool," tells Selena while performing for a crowd in New York. Gomez sang a cover of Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me A River," obviously referring to her past relationship with Bieber.

Watch the video below to catch Justin Bieber's new single "Nothing Like Us."

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