'Jelena' 101: From PDA at Unicef Ball to Break-Up Blues

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The famous "Jelena" duo might be on the rocks as the paparazzi have been saying but that's not what Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber appeared to be like at the UNICEF after-party ball. Gomez was spotted engaged in a hot make-out session with the alleged ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber. So what is up really with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez? When will the drama even end?

Selena Gomez attended the 2012 UNICEF Snowflake Ball yesterday looking glam and gorgeous in a black form-fitting Dolce and Gabbana gown. However, Selena's eye candy and boy toy, Justin Bieber was nowhere to be found. Yet, the absence of the 18-year old teenage heartthrob wasn't long noticed because news is Selena and Justin met up right after the evening.

According to People Magazine, Selena went ahead to the UNICEF Snowflake ball with friend, Priscilla while Justin had attended a dinner as Asellina. The two however met up at around midnight in the hotel lobby where they lingered for thirty minutes hand-in-hand.

"It was just the two of them, sitting together. At first they were quietly talking and then they started kissing. They were smiling, definitely seemed happy! They weren't fighting," said the source.

That wasn't all that happened that night. Another source shared to Hollywood Life that the couple hit up Marble Lane with around six people.

"They came in with an entourage of six people around 1 AM, but dined alone," explained the source, adding, "They stayed for around 30 minutes. Justin was wearing nerd glasses and a baseball cap. They looked really happy together. They were laughing, talking and just having a really good time enjoying each other's company. They sat at the corner table - a table Justin has sat at before. She was in boots, leggings and a cute flowing olive top. When it came time to leave, he walked in front of her and held her hand. But she seemed nervous about walking outside and wasn't smiling when it came time to leave."

Judging from what took place that night, everything seems to be going fairly well for the newly-reconciled couple. However, rumor has it, BFF Taylor Swift and Selena's mom, Mandy Teefey, is urging Gomez to call-off the relationship.

Still, the final decision weighs in on Selena who had allegedly set ground rules for the relationship which involved meeting up every two weeks and no models allowed at the hotel room. If Bieber manages to stick in line, surely the "Jelena" duo will manage to last until 2013.

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