Jay Z and Beyonce Update: Everything to Know about Casey Cohen Rapper's Alleged Lover, Seeking Apology Amid Beyonce’s Pregnancy News

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Power couple, Jay Z and Beyonce are surrounded by some very scandalous gossip. Amid their divorce rumours, reality star Casey Cohen became quite a-buzz, owing to widespread rumours about her alleged affair with Queen Bey's husband.

Several media reports reported that the rapper is involved with "Princesses: Long Island" star Casey Cohen from months, behind Beyonce's back. According to the latest report, Cohen has not only denied the reports, but also asked for apology and threatening to file a lawsuit. At the same time, Beyonce's pregnancy news is catching fire. Read on to find out more about who Casey Cohen is.

The young blond bombshell Casey Cohen is a reality star. She appeared on Bravo's reality TV show "Princesses: Long Island," recently. The show revolved around the lives of six young Jewish women residing with their families in Long Island. 28-year-old Casey is one of them hailing from Jericho, New York.

According to her Bravo TV bio, Casey's life is split between her mother and father. Half her time she spends with her mother in Jericho and other half with her father in Manhattan. She is a graduate in Bachelor of Science in Studio Art and Masters in Art Education from the New York University.

She works at The Butter Group: Butter, 10AK and the Darby. Casey loves art and education and is a fan of SoulCycle.

The Web site describes her as someone who "isn't afraid to speak her mind."

"Casey won't settle for just anyone, and requires her prospects to love life as much as she does," read Casey Cohen's bio.

According to TMZ, starlet came forward to deny the reports claiming her affair and calling her Jay Z's alleged "mistress." The report notes several magazines including In Touch called her Jay Z's other woman. Casey Cohen has launched a legal battle against Bauer Media Group that owns the magazines reporting the rumours.

Her lawyer shot a "desist" letter that said Casey Cohen and Jay Z "have never been in love or intimate," terming all the reports "a foul and phony mistress rumour."

It is noted that she came in contact with Jay Z and Beyonce only because of her job as VIP hostess in New York City. Now she demands an apology from the media group and wants all such articles to be taken down from the internet.

This news comes after the reports about Beyonce's second pregnancy started spreading like wildfire. Citing Life & Style magazine's claims, Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported that "Beyonce is indeed pregnant." This has reportedly "made her think very carefully about how to handle the little rumour about Jay Z cheating with Rachel Roy" and more. The report states that initially Beyonce was thrilled with her pregnancy news, but now she feels "trapped" and "obligated." This is not the first time Jay Z has been linked to other tinsel town women. Earlier it was said the singer was involved with Rihanna and Rita Ora.

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