Jason Hervey on ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Feud: Kurt Sutter thinks he's 'Moses of the MC community'

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Just when the feud between FX "Sons of Anarchy" and Discovery Channel's "The Devils Ride" is about to end, Executive Producer Jason Hervey speaks up about SoA feud when he appeared on "FOX and Friends" on Wednesday, Feb. 19.

It all started when series creator Kurt Sutter posted a Twitter comment about the show's authenticity and wrote: "Is 'Devil's Ride' still on? My thespians are harder than these B----es. Don't take my word, ask any OMC in the f---ing world."

Thanks to his inquiry, an angry member of the San Diego motorcycle club responded with harsh comments which caused Sutter to rant about the real life motorcycle club. "If your MC has agreed to become a show, you are now reality TV stars. You've traded legacy/pride for cash/fame. And you are in my circus," explained Sutter.

Now after a long silence, Hervey is obviously annoyed and vent out his frustrations and talks about Sutter's comment on Twitter. "We were partially flattered that he was writing about us, because we have so much respect for Kurt and we have so much respect for the talented actors and actresses that are on that show," says Hervey. "It's one of my favorite one-hour dramas."

But his comment did not stop in there, Hervey who happens to be the "fat one" in "The Wonder Years" called SoA creator the "Moses of MC community." "He thinks he's ... I call him the Moses of the MC community, cause he thinks he has some type of proprietorship over any show that involves motorcycles," says Hervey.

Hervey claimed that that Sutter was disrespectful that why everybody that is involve in the show reacted to the comment. He also said that he is very proud of what they've done on the show and Kurt has no right to question its authenticity when he's never been in their set.

At the end, Sutter and "The Devils Ride" found a common ground and posted a message on his Twitter account on Valentine's Day, he wrote: "Me and Chuck @TDRAdvisor are all good. Let's stop the 'TDR' hate."

He followed it up with another tweet: "Just remember, the producers are always the douchebags with the big mouths, not the guys in front of the camera. But you already knew that." 

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