Japanese Bra As Modern Chastity Belt, Unlocks When Wearer Is In Love [VIDEO]

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(Video Credit: YouTube/Ravijourmovie)

A lingerie company, consisting of a team of Japanese innovators, came up with a more modern type of chastity belt with a bra that only unlocks when its wearer is in love.

The lingerie product called "True Love Tester" has sensors all over it and a special kind of gadget that helps analyze the speed and other patterns of the heartbeat of the user during an intimate moment. The gadget is in synced with a mobile device, News.com.au wrote. It's the app that recognizes whether the feelings of the female are real for her partner that the front clasp opens on its own automatically so that lovers can proceed with their intense scenario.

Ravijour, its maker, is not offering the interesting bra for sale but is only a part of a campaign for the brand's 10th anniversary. Yuka Tamura, one of their spokesmen, said the odd bra was made to help boost romantic relationships.

"We wanted to do something that wouldn't just appeal to people who wear our products, but also to lift the romantic mood between men and women," Tamura added.

In its corresponding video, the sensors and where they are placed in the glittering bra are revealed specifically inside its cup. Its wireless signals are the ones used to send a go signal to the smartphone. The app intricately studied the changing pattern of the heart that it can even identify whether the woman wearer is jogging or about to go to an intimate moment with someone else.

Huffington Post recalled the emergence of the anti-rape underwear revealed by AR Wear in November. In the article, it was stressed the modern women of today do not require any kind of chastity garment anymore to stay protected. Medical Daily made an interesting point too that for women who are in the lookout for true love, maybe it's not the female's heart rate that needs to be analyzed but that of the male.

Like the video sid, it's one revolutionary bra that can detect every woman's exact feeling. If it goes for sale, do you think the market will bite its teeth on it?

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