Japan, Brazil Listed Among Top 10 Emerging Destinations for Aussie Travellers

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With the purchasing power of the Australian dollar going strong, Aussie folks may want to pause and plan where to do their overseas travel to experience their money's worth. They may actually be surprised that they can already afford to travel to Japan, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia and Argentina.

"It's a great time to seize the moment and visit some of these destinations whilst the Aussie dollar can go further. But even before you exchange your Aussie dollars on ground, there are other ways you can ensure you get the best value all-round holiday with great deals on things such as flights and accommodation," Amee Evans, from Expedia Travel Expert, the world's largest online travel company, said.

With the Australian dollar zooming 15.52 per cent in the past 12 months versus the power of the yen, Japan by all means is a tempting choice to be included on the list of must-visit destinations.

And with retail prices still continuing to deliciously fall, the Australian dollar will stretch much further when on-ground in Japan than it does at the home front.

In releasing its top travel destinations based on the purchasing power of the Australian dollar set against other major currencies in the past 12 months, Expedia.com.au listed the following as top 10:

1. Japan

2. Brazil

3. South Africa

4. Indonesia

5. Argentina

6. Sri Lanka

7. Mauritius

8. U.S.

9. Hong Kong

10. China

For Aussies who definitely want the best for their well-earned buck, it would be best to visit Japan in April and May to experience the full cherry blossoms.

Brazil, number two on the list, is a tempting destination because of next year's World Cup.

"Now that the country is gearing up for the 2014 World Cup, Brazil looks set to become a hot tourist spot in the coming months," Ms Evans said.

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