'The Janoskians' Jai Brooks Opens Up on Dating Ariana Grande: 'It is hard at times because we miss each other' [VIDEO]

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Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks have never spoken up about their relationship but have been open about their feelings towards one another on Twitter and Instagram. In an exclusive interview, "The Janoskians" member, Jai Brooks finally speaks up on his relationship with the "Problem" singer. According to Jai, it's not exactly "easy" being with Ariana.

Jai Brooks and Ariana Grande, best known as "Jariana" has been the OTP of a few "Arianators." Despite the couple's' messy break up late 2013, things have gone smoothly between them as friends which led to their reunion as lovers again.

"Jariana" made it official that they were definitely back together during their kiss at the iHeart Radio Music Awards. A few days after, the love birds engaged once more in PDA but this time for on online version. Brooks and Grande shared "I Love You" tweets on Twitter.

"I am so proud of you and you looked gorgeous, well done on your amazing performance. how do u dance so well wearing heels? @ArianaGrande," tweeted Jai which was followed by, "I LOVE U beautiful @ArianaGrande."

"@JaiBrooks1 noooo you're the cutest. I love you," tweeted Grande back to Brooks.

Of course, before their grand reunion at the iHeart Radio Music Awards, a number of "Arianators" had already suspected that the former lovers had gotten back together by March. In fact, Grande's interview where she talks about wanting to date a funny and bad boy with tattoos certainly spelled out Jai Brooks.

"I like a guy with lots of tattoos. I love a bad boy. I tried the good boy thing for a minute and I was like, 'No, Oh my gosh, that won't work," explained Grande in the interview with E!

With Grande already sharing her say about dating Brooks, what does "The Janoskians" star have to say about dating the Nickelodeon actress?

"It is hard at times because we miss each other," says Jai in an interview with Sugarscape, adding, "Last year when I was on tour it was pretty hard, but it's all worth it. It's easy to control myself around other girls, I don't have any difficulty doing that."

Hopefully, the distance doesn't become a burden that would place pressure on the "Jariana" relationship. Check more of the interview with "The Janoskians'" Jai Brooks in the video below.

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