'The Janoskians' Jai Brooks on Dating Ariana Grande & Their Long Distance Love Affair

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Hollywood couple Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks newly rekindled relationship is making a lot of buzz since they made it official early this month. The young couple started dating for about a year after they split up in 2013, now after a year of seeing other people the two reunited shortly before they were spotted getting close backstage at the iHeartRadio Awards.

Now that love is sweeter the second time around, Ariana and Jai are working on their differences as they try to be together despite their busy schedules. According to Hollywood Life, Brooks is playing a doting boyfriend as he tries to be faithful to Ariana who is on tour for her new album.

“So it will be hard then,” says Brooks in an interview with Sugarscape. “Last year when I was on tour was also pretty hard. But it’s all worth it.” A member of Australian group "The Janoskians," Jai met the “Sam & Cat” actress online and began dating in 2012 before the “Problem” singer was rumoured to be dating The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes.

“It’s easy to control myself around other girls, I don’t have any difficulty doing that,” he added as he assures the fans that what happened the last time will not happen again. “But things get pretty hard at times because we miss each other.”

Since the two can’t be together most of the time, Ariana is making an incredible job of making the sparks alive as they show each other’s affection via Twitter. Thanks to their Twitter, PDA fans are all updated on the recent happenings between the two stars.

“It’s not letting me text you for some reason. I love u. @ArianaGrande,” Brooks tweeted the young diva on May 17.

After Jai’s cute message, Ariana tweeted using the lyrics of her new album, “Cause if the water dries up and the moon stops shining stars fall and the world goes blind boy u know…. I’ll be savin my love for u.”

The tiny vocal powerhouse was on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” finale with Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. Not wearing her usual ‘60’s-inspired outfit, Ariana let her hair down and belted “Problem” despite the technical problem.

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