Janoskians Evolving: From Pranksters to Pop Sensations


They started out as a five-boy group that pulled pranks all over Melbourne. But after, being a viral hit in YouTube for the legendary mockumentaries, they now have a deal with Sony, a debut single, and 575,000 followers and counting.

The Janoskians (Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation, for those who still don't know), comprised of members Jai Brooks, James Yammouni, Daniel Sahyounie, Beau Brooks, and Luke Brooks, just recently finished an Australian tour with Reece Mastin and Justice Crew, according to Take40.

Out of the viral pan and into the limelight

Even as they moved on with their single "Set This World On Fire," The Janoskian didn't abandon the attitude that propelled them to the spotlight.

"The single is really cheeky, out there and edgy. It's about us going out, having fun and nothing twice. We love it!" member James Yammouni said to Nine MSN''s Dolly.

Regarding any talk of follow-up singles or even an album, the group remains hopeful, and thrives in the support of family, friends, and fans.

Love in the face of fame

The Janoskians have been receiving all the love-and, on the flip side, all the hate from online trolls-from fans, but one Janoskian member, Jai has also been seen holding hands with a certain young celebrity.

Earlier this year, MTV reports Jai spending the New Year with Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande. Now, the two are officially a couple, having been spotted several occasions together all over New York City.

As for the other boys, they have their own share of girl stories, albeit hilarious ones. In an interview with Nine MSN's Dolly, Beau said, "When we're in our home town of Melbourne, they camp outside the front of our houses and steal our shoes and stuff. But then when we go to walk outside and say hello, they run away, I think they get nervous!"

A troll, a cyber lawsuit, and the continuing anti-Janoskian fever

It's not all fun and games with the boys, because even with their massive following, they can't escape the hate from the anti-Janoskian groups.

Late last year, the boys were involved in a vicious cyber bullying episode where the group had no choice but to go for court action. The last straw was drawn after Janoskian haters crashed and ruined a charity auction that the band was supporting, reports News.com

Janoskian member James' family even had to suffer the consequences, with haters heading to his home in Melbourne and ringing their phone off the hook after his personal details were published online.

The most recent clash between the Janoskians and their haters happened last week, when the group and their fans-some of whom were children-were bidding at the Federation Square for a stint in Ellen, reports The Herald Sun.

However, haters from a group called Facebeef crashed the event, and resulted in police intervention.

According to one hater, Tosh Finnigan, said in an interview with The Herald Sun, "They like to think they are the Jackass of Australia but all they do is go around on public transport annoying strangers."

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