Jann Stuckey Strikes Again: “Get a bit of leg out’’

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Small Business Minister Jann Stuckey is already known for her laughable political blunders.

She argued against Federal MP Karen Andrews that she should appear in a promotional photograph involving a school; her 14th staff member resigned saying she was impossible to work for; threatened to stop events from being held in the Gold Coast unless the council could raise $100 million; and spearheaded a tourism campaign calling for Australians to spend holiday at home but left for Maldives for a family holiday.

On Wednesday, she was at it again as she told Instyle Boutique manager Tammy Young to "Get a bit of leg out'' after being asked on how she could improve her store, Courier Mail reports. A minder was quick to guide Ms Stuckey out of the store before any unfavourable reaction from Ms Young could take place.

Ms Stuckey was touring the Calamvale Central Shopping Centre to reach out to business operators and give advice on strategies on building commercial confidence.

"During my visit I handed out the Queensland Small Business Startegy  and Action Plan 2013-2015, which outlines the actions the Newman Government has already delivered to assist small business and our plans for the future to continue to grow this important sector of the economy," Ms Stuckey told Courier Mail.

She described the incident involving the Instyle Boutique manager Ms Young a "lighthearted banter."

"I enjoyed my visit to Calamvale Shopping Centre this week where I engaged in lighthearted banter with a number of retailers, including Instyle Boutique."

She said she had since apologised.

"I have since contacted the business owner to apologise for any offence that may have been taken by that banter."

Ms Young said none was taken as offensive but she expects for the Government to come up with comprehensive guidance for small business owners like her - more than what Ms Stuckey gave them.

"I would (get a bit of leg out) if I could but I think I might scare the customers away. I think it's great she gets out and visits the small businesses and hopefully she'll put some ideas in place to make it busier and get some more business through the store," Ms Young said.

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