James Franco's Move on Flirting with Minor, Could Hurt his Career? Find Out mMore about Lucy Clode, 17-Year Old Who Wanted Fame!

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Actor, James Franco, has found himself in trouble after trying to flirt with a seventeen-year-old on Instagram. The girl whose name is Lucy Clode, seemed to have posted their "secret" conversation and experts say that this is a cry for a few minutes of fame.

As reported by Hollywoodlife, the seventeen-year-old girl had also asked for evidence if it was really James Franco who was sending messages to her and Franco proved that it was actually him behind the social media site, the story which was never meant to come out, came out as Lucy seemed to have bragged to her friends that the Hollywood star flirted with her.

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No doubt it was really Franco who was trying to meet up with the underage girl but by no means was his conversation with the teen sexual. There wasn't anything that showed he was trying to hit on her but maybe just wanted to meet up.

Lucy Clode's grandmother however tried to stop people from attacking her granddaughter saying that she is a good girl who was brought up in a respectful family and that James Franco is to be blamed about all of this.

Well experts say that she is a teen girl who just wanted to brag to her friends that a Hollywood actor actually flirted with her on Instagram. Good going girl but according to Hollywoodlife, the teen didn't think through the consequences that this would have on her and on the actor.

Do you think that Franco actually was going to meet up with her and was she really trying all this to brag to her friends? Seems legit that she would but the story has still some unfolding to do. On the other hand, maybe Franco would release a statement about this and at least all the gay rumors will now be hushed.

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