James Franco Trying to Meet Up with an Underage Girl After Talking Through Instagram?

By @Ze_Charm on

Social media sites are supposed to be for fun and in order to tell the world what you are doing but when you are a celebrity everything you do is purposely known to the world. In the case of actor, James Franco was it really him who tried to contact an almost eighteen year old girl?

According to buzzfeed, the actor sent direct messages using Instagram to a girl wanting to meet up. The girl was thrilled to think that it was James Franco who was talking to her. The exchange of messages goes like the typical boy wanting to know girl kind of messages.

Franco initiated the conversation through direct messages using his Instagram and then asked for the girl's number. The exchanges then began through text and the girl not knowing whether she was talking to the real actor, James Franco asked him to send her photos in which he did. He was asking to meet up with her. The girl asked for him to take a photo with her name so that she would know that she is really talking to James Franco and he did.

What's wrong with this? Nothing at all, there wasn't any sexual innuendo in the exchange of messages and he was polite to the girl. After the images of these exchanges were made public, Franco posted a photo in his Instagram account with the words: "Why are you thirsty for underage ones" with a caption, "I'M NOT I HOPE PARENTS KEEP THEIR TEENS AWAY FROM ME. Thank you"

We all hope that James Franco asks us to meet him someday, as this too would be great. We hope that other girls that are underage learn that not everything on social media is real, unless James Franco actually turns up outside your house then yes, you can fan girl all you want about the actor.

See the exchange of Instagram messages here: Did James Franco Try To Meet Up With An Underage Girl Over Instagram?

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