James Franco, Now a Stage Director

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The handsome actor behind Green Goblin's mask in "Spider Man 2," author who got inspiration from Miley Cyrus, Seth Rogen's bromantic partner, the trapped hiker who amputed himself in "127 Hours," and one of Instagram's devoted selfie fan, James Franco. Franco has now ventured out to another endeavor and this time, he would invade the theatre.

Aside from acting on-stage for the Broadway's "Of Mice and Men," James wanted to include stage directing as part of his repertoire. Given his artistic flair, the actor and now-stage-director would put "The Long Shrift" into life. It's a story about a man who was accused of rape, then encountered the accuser after getting out of prison nine years later. This play would be a part of the 20th anniversary celebration of Rattlestick Playwrigts Theater. It will be open from July 7 to August 27.

The 36-year old artist started to gain recognition for playing James Dean in 2001 in TV biographical film of the same title. Then he took the attention of Academy Award, which he was nominated as Best Actor in the movie, "127 Hours." But he was not just talented in drama. He proved to be effective in comedy as he starred in the film, "This is the End," opposite Seth Rogen, and in Oct., he will once again pair with his real-life friend in "The Interview."

He also had a flair in writing. He wrote "Palo Alto," an anthology of short stories where the inspiration came from some of his teenage memories. Recently, he announced that he would teach aspiring screenwriter for $25. He partnered with Skillshare, an online portal for learning. His credentials were reflected in teaching at University of South Carolina, University of California Los Angeles and New York University.

But he is not just about talent. Franco is also known for flaunting his looks in Instagram where he would take a shot of himself half-naked. This also led him to get involved in controversial issues. His active usage of the said social media site even ignited a scandal where he allegedly tried to hook up with a girl 17-years of age.

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