James Blunt Hilarious One-liners Made Him the 'Wittiest Celebrity' In Twitter

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James Blunt and girlfriend Sofia Wellesley arrive at the Cannes festival palace to attend the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes
British singer James Blunt and his girlfriend Sofia Wellesley arrive at the Cannes festival palace to attend the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes December 14, 2013. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

James Blunt created history with his iconic song 'You're Beautiful' in 2005. His second best-selling album 'Moon Landing' was released in 2013. However, what might have made the year more memorable for the British singer was the way he handled his haters on social media such as Twitter.

Many of the people who apparently hate James Blunt as a singer posted several derogatory comments about him on Twitter. They seemed to be in a mood to let Blunt know about what they felt about him and tagged him in their comment. That was how he came to know about the offensive statements addressed toward him. He could have easily ignored them as most celebrities prefer not responding to such insulting remarks made by random people. On the contrary, Blunt decided to confront them - in an exceedingly hilarious manner.

What the haters might not have been aware of was that Blunt, who recently got engaged to Sofia Wellesley, served the British army for six years. He was an armoured reconnaissance officer in Kosovo NATO deployment. He has proved that he is not someone to dodge missiles. He would rather send stronger missiles back, at least verbally.

Here are some of the most incredible replies by the English musician, making him the wittiest celebrity on Twitter.

Comment: why you only got 200k followers?

JB: Jesus only needed twelve.

Comment: I thought James Blunt died.

JB: I did, but you'll NEVER guess what happened on the third day!?

Comment: Now James Blunt is playing and I can't stop it from happening

JB: Your first eargasm? Enjoy.

Comment: James blunt your music sucks

JB: As does your missus.

Comment: Why does James Blunt have a new album and why would people want that?

JB: I'm guessing you're a philosopher.

Comment: I must be 1 of only 2 who genuinely likes every @jamesblunt song. The other person being him.

JB: Nope, you're on your own.

Comment: Bloody hell why is James Blunt still going

JB: Viagra and coffee mostly.

Comment: >: Don't know if I can imagine much worse than James Blunt's new album

JB: Kids these days have no imagination.

Comment: Every time that James Blunt opens his mouth I'd like to punch him in it

JB: Glad you're not my dentist.

Comment: I cannot put into words how much I hate James Blunt

JB: Try singing it.

Comment: Does anyone else HATE james blunt's voice? I can't stand it.

JB: I never liked the sound of my own voice. Till it made me rich.

Comment: I love James Blunt as much as I love herpes.

JB: I love that you're not ashamed to admit you have both.

Comment: Does anyone still care about James Blunt?

JB: Thanks for asking.                     

Comment: James Blunt just has an annoying face and a highly irritating voice

JB: And no mortgage.

Comment: ">@JamesBlunt must have a sad life just searching his name on twitter; wait to reply 2 stuf

JB: Just searched your name. Nothing. 

Comment: Why does @JamesBlunt suck so bad?

JB: Because you're not doing it right.

Comment: Why does James blunt exist?

JB: Because we can't rely on you.

Comment: I want to kick James Blunt... repeatedly... I dont know why

JB: Easy spelling mistake as K and L are right beside each other.

Comment: James Blunt makes me sick

JB: Then don't eat me.

Comment: Is there one single James Blunt fan out there?

JB: Most of them are single.

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