Jamaica Prohibits Sexual Acts Between Men Plus Other Places Where it is Bad to be Gay

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If you are a male homesexual who engaged in a sexual act with your gay partner, that expression of love is considered a criminal act under the Jamaican law. But if you happen to be a lesbian who engaged in a sexual intercourse, you will not be held liable for any crime in reference to the same law.

The Offences Against the Person act, which is referenced whenever specific legislations concerning the criminality of such action is brought up, states that, "whoever shall be convicted of the abominable crime of buggery" will face prison term for a maximum of 10 years.

Jamaica is said to be the most homophobic place in the planet. But for sure, it isn't the only country that discriminates against the LGBT community. Below are some examples of places where it is bad to be gay.

In Malaysia, homosexuality falls under the law prohibiting sodomy. Offenders will face prison sentence of a maximum of 20 years. As if that is not enough, the Malaysian Penal Code similarly states that those who have been charged will also be subjected to whipping.

Singapore, Brunei and Bahrain for instance have similar laws against gays. In these countries, homosexuality is punishable by imprisonment of not more than 10 years.

While other countries like Lebanon and Algeria have less grave punishments, 1 and 2 months at the minimum, respectively, the same cannot be said for a place like Iran. There, capital punishment is enforced on people guilty of committing homosexual acts.

With the existence of such laws in different parts of the world, the LGBT community's fight for equality is far from over.

The world, for its part has a lot to learn too. The issue is highly debatable taking into account the differences in terms of religion and culture among others. But from a certain perspective, perhaps it is in respecting those differences where equality among men and women, regardless of sexual preferences, may be established.  

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