Jailbreak Your iPhone, iPad And iTouch For iOS 7.0.5: Apple to Release iOS 7.1 to Break Evasion Jailbreak Tool

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Craig Federighi, Apple Inc. Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Speaks on Stage During an Apple Event in San Francisco
Craig Federighi, Apple Inc. Senior Vice President of Software Engineering speaks on stage during an Apple event in San Francisco, California. Reuters Reuters

Jailbreaking offers users better control over its iOS devices like iPads and iPhones. It is essential for users to understand how the processor works before doing it. Any missed or misinterpreted steps can damage the device. 

Latest iOS Version: iOS 7.0.6 

iOS 7.0.6 refers to the latest version of iOS still unbroken. With this, Redmond Pie offers a step-by-step instruction on tweaking the evasi0n jailbreak for 7.0.6. 

Latest Untethered Jailbreak: iOS 7.0.5 

The Evasi0n jailbreak provided in this guide is compatible with any iPad, iTouch or iPhone running with iOS 7.0 through 7.0.5. 

Users are advised against going through tethered jailbreaking. This requires individuals to connect their iDevices to their computer for constant booting. This is not good for new operating system releases leading to more freezing instances.  It can be inconvenient for people to have their devices freezing every time. Good thing, the evasion method provided caters to untethered jailbreak. This means it can work on just about any day. Users do not need to tether it. 

Jailbreak Instructions

1.       Backup the iPhone or whichever iOS device will be used.

2.       Download Evasi0n for the operating system to be used. There are two options: Mac or Windows.

3.       Open the downloaded Evasi0n app.

4.       Connect the device to the computer. For devices that are passcode lock enabled, users should disable this temporarily. To do this, open Settings app, go to General and open Passcode Lock section. Users can re-enable following the completion of jailbreak.

5.       On the computer, open the jailbreak button under the Evasion app window. It will take some time before the jailbreak data can be uploaded. The phone will be restarting during this process. Wait for Evasion to complete the step.

6.       Evasion puts in a temporary jailbreak app on the device as part of the process. Once the app is ready, users will receive a notification to open it. Unlock the device then click on the jailbreak app icon. This will prompt the screen to flash briefly despite not doing anything. Looking at the computer, the jailbreak process still goes on. This will be done in a few minutes. 

Wait for the jailbreak process to complete. It was also reported that Apple will be releasing a new update to break Evasion tools. People should stay tuned for updates. 

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