Jai Brooks: Top 10 Facts about Ariana Grande's On and Off Boyfriend

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Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks could soon become the new Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber of Hollywood. The manner in which the couple broke up and then reconciled again seem to bear a stark similarity to "Jelena" as a couple. Recent media reports suggest that the "Tattooed Heart" singer has forgiven Jai Brooks for his nasty behavior and the two were spotted kissing each other backstage at the recent iHeartRadio Music Awards. So, who exactly is Jai Brooks and why is he able to win back Ariana Grande? Find out more about Jai below:

1.       Jai, along with his siblings Daniel, Luke, James and Beau is a part of a YouTube comedy entertainment group called The Janoskians. The group regularly uploads video on YouTube where they play pranks on various people. So was it Jai's inherent sense of humour that impressed Ariana?

2.       The 19-year-old Australian started dating Ariana since August 2013 online and finally met later in New York.

3.       Jai and Ariana met each other on Twitter when Jai and his twin brother Luke started a hashtag #JaiVsLukeForAriana and wanted to catch her attention.

4.       Ariana's mom reportedly requested Ariana to see one of the funny videos of Jai on YouTube. Ariana did and liked it and reportedly direct messaged her number to Jai on Twitter, arianagrande.wikia.com reports.

5.       Ariana and Jai reportedly met after a series of Skype chats and the meeting was filmed by one of the members from the Janoskians, the Web site reports.

6.       Ariana and Jai broke up sometime back because Jai alleged that Ariana cheated on him with Nathan Sykes.

7.       Jai is left handed and is mostly raised by his mother Gia Brooks.

8.       Jai and his YouTube group has 1,452,666 followers on YouTube and 18,344 followers on Google!

9.       Jai has revealed his three wishes which include traveling to space, staying young forever and become as good in the music industry as his girlfriend Ariana Grande.

10.   Jai has a twin brother Luke, who looks like him. Ariana rejected Luke to be with Jai!

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