Jackie Chan Death Hoax July 2013: Chinese Actor Dies Again on Twitter, Fake Death Reports Continue to Pester Chan

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Chinese actor Jackie Chan died again on the social networking site Twitter after another bout of fake death reports emerged. It has already been a month since the news about Jackie Chan's death went viral on social media site, but the cruel death hoax reports still continues to pester the 59-year-old Hong Kong martial arts superstar.

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Fans of the 59-year-old Hong Kong martial arts superstar once again went from shocked to sad and then angry with the fake death news currently circulating. This time, the Jackie Chan death hoax claimed that the Chinese actor died from stunt scene gone wrong.

Jackie Chan has been doing his own stunts in numerous films and the fake death reports are basically created from there. One report claimed that Jackie fell from the 12th floor of a building while filming a stunt scene in a new movie project.

Photo credit: Twitter/@Quillaacaixero

Another report claimed that Jackien Chan fell over 50 feet to his death while filming in a remote location at Hahnenkamm Mountains in Austria. Jackie Chan's movie stunts are really dangerous, so reports that the actor suffered an injury may not sound surprising, but the public should still be cautious when it came to reading the Jackie Chan injury or death reports on the Internet.

News about Jackie Chan's death shocked fans, and even though they were immediately relieved after finding out it's not true, they started to become upset about the cruel death story. Inquisitr shared a Twitter user's reaction about the Jackie Chan death hoax: "I just saw on facebook that supposedly Jackie Chan died after doing a stunt... I almost had a heart attack!!! Thhank god its not true!!"

@The June 2013 Jackie Chan death hoax reports reached the Chinese actor and he proved again to his fans that he is very much alive and kicking on a blog. Jackie Chan has been a favourite target of fake death reports since 2011, but the actor never gets tired of clarifying the rumours about his tragic death.

"These few years, there has repeatedly been false news which has caused my fans and friends who care about me, to worry if I am dead!" Jackie Chan stated. At present, Jackie Chan has not given any comment yet regarding the fresh round of death hoax at Twitter.

The actor currently has movie projects to focus on like "The Expendables 3" instead of another fake death report. Furthermore, Jackie Chan will reportedly appear at the 5th edition of the Kung Fu Wushu African Cup to take place in Antananarivo from September 5 to 10.

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