Jackie Chan Death 2013: Old and Fake Death Reports Surfaced Again to Haunt Chinese Actor [PHOTOS]


The old and fake death reports on Chinese actor Jackie Chan surfaced again and it caused another round of confusion, shock and anger to the family, friends and fans of the "Rush Hour" star. Jackie Chan, 59, allegedly died from a heart attack but the actor issued a statement for the nth time to refute the celebrity death hoax report.

Adding to the confusion of the fans are the "RIP Jackie Chan" pages found on social networking site Facebook. The Hong Kong superstar's Facebook page has been responding to those fake claims with the message that reads: "Jackie is alive and well. He did not suffer a heart attack and die, as was reported on many social networking sites and in online news reports."

A hospital in Los Angeles reportedly declared the passing of Jackie Chan after suffering a heart attack. The doctors even claimed on the report that the actor's busy work schedule caused the extreme stress and pressure on his heart.

Jackie Chan has been a constant victim on numerous fake death reports since 2010. However, the Chinese actor is always aggressively releasing statements denouncing the silly death claims.

In March 2011, an infuriated Jackie Chan issued a statement through his representative to clarify the issue because a Facebook page called "Jackie Chan RIP" claimed the actor's death. "Jackie is alive and well and working hard on his next movie! Don't believe the latest death rumors," the actor's rep stated.

In August 2011, Jackie Chan had another fake death attack coming from a different news source. The actor even took the matter in his own hands as he personally wrote on his own Facebook account to clarify the false news of his untimely death.

In 2012, Jackie Chan is still a victim of celebrity death hoaxes coming from Global Associated or also known as Mediafetcher. Another fake death report claimed that Jackie Chan's cause of death was from a ski accident.

In June 2013, another death report surfaced involving the Chinese actor. Jackie Chan reportedly died from a car crash this time in Queensland, Australia to which the actor's representative once again officially confirmed that Jackie Chan is still alive and doing well.

Jackie Chan is scheduled to work on two recently confirmed films from the Chinese studio, Huayi Brothers. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jackie's first film will be an action-thriller set in New York City while the second film will be a war epic set in the desert. Both films will start production in the later part of 2013 with a scheduled release date in 2014.

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