Jackie Chan Congratulated Prince William For South Pole Trek Instead of Prince Harry, Royal Prince Politely Corrected Chinese Actor on Mix Up

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Chinese actor Jackie Chan had the opportunity to meet Prince William during the International Illegal Wildlife Trade summit held at the Natural History Museum in London last Wednesday, February 12. However, the "Rush Hour" star mistook the Duke of Cambridge for his brother, Prince Harry, when he congratulated the Royal Prince for participating in the South Pole Trek.

Jackie Chan admitted in the Inquisitr report that Prince William politely corrected his embarrassing Royal mix up. "Prince William said, 'No, that was my brother,' and I said, 'I'm sorry.' But they look almost same, huh?" the 59-year-old Hong Kong action star stated.

The Royal Princes attended the event with Prince Charles having the objective of stopping the trade that became a grave threat to the wildlife, the people that protects them as well as the security of several nations, the UPI blog claims. Mr Chan has appeared in a couple of short videos along with the Royal family members, basketball star Yao Ming and even soccer icon David Beckham to convince people to cease the illegal trading on endangered wildlife.

A video was aired at the Trade summit revealing that the world's rhinos could fit in the Wembley Stadium but it does not appear to be the case since their numbers are damaged due to the demand on rhino horn. "Together we can save our wild rhinos. When the buying stops, the killing can to," Prince William declared.

Prince William, 31, emphasized at the summit that people are gathered with one purpose.  "To use our collective influence to put a stop to the illegal killing and trafficking of some of our world's most iconic and endangered species. Never before has a group like this come together - in these numbers - to stop the illegal trade in wildlife," the Duke of Cambridge stated.

David Beckham made an appeal to the public asking them to never buy rhino horn. At the summit, Jackie Chan shared the reason for his involvement in the group. "I wanted to be a spokesperson against the animal trade, it's my duty to tell the Asian world, the people who believe these kind of things - its wrong," the Chinese actor stated.

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