Jackass Ryan Dunn’s Photo Used in Place of Dead IDF Soldier

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New Zealand Herald had erroneously used Jackass Ryan Dunn's photo for a news story about an IDF soldier who was killed in Gaza.

In New Zealand Herald's front page on Monday was a picture of late Jackass star Ryan Dunn who passed away in a car crash in 2011. The news story that comes with the photo was that of Staff Sergeant Guy Boyland, 21, who was a son to a New Zealander father and an Israeli mother. The family moved to Israel when Boyland was just two years old. Boyland served as a combat soldier in the Israel Defence Force's Engineer Corps but was killed while fighting in the souther Gaza Strip, the newspaper reports.

The Herald had since admitted the error and apologised for the erroneous used of Dunn's photos.

Herald editor Shayne Currie said that he takes the responsibility for the errors.

''As editor I take responsibility for the errors that should never have occurred. We are currently looking into what checks were made regarding the two images, with a view to ensuring procedures are reviewed to ensure that there is no repeat of this error in the future."

Currie said that Dunn's photo was used by Boyland as a profile picture for his Facebook account and this where the confusion of using the late Jackass star's picture occurred.

"The New Zealand Herald incorrectly sourced the image of Ryan Dunn from Guy's page, along with several other images, believing them to be of Guy," Currie said.

He underlined that the newspaper is taking the mistake seriously and repeatedly apologises for breaking  the public trust. He assured readers that the same mistake will not happen again.

Currie, together with the CEO of APN, took his time to personally apologise to Boyland's family for adding to their grief. He said that the family was kind to forgive.

Meanwhile, Boyland's aunt Rotem Gofar said that there is no consolation in losing their beloved Guy. She described him to be this long-haired ginger boy who is fond of playing the guitar in the company of his equally nice friends.

"Some four months before being released (from IDF service), in a war in Gaza, while blowing up tunnels, killed by terrorists," a line of his biography at his service reads.

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