Jack Vidgen Takes ‘AGT’Grand Final Risk with Original Song [VIDEO]

Jack Vidgen Wows “Australia’s Got Talent” Viewers with Original Song


Is Jack Vidgen that good or the judges of “Australia’s Got Talent” are simply being kind to the 14-year-old contestant from Manly Vale with his performance of “Yes I Am” Tuesday?

The judges and the audience gave him the standing ovation. The studio guests let out a thunderous applause. And his mom was all tears as Vidgen hit the last note of the original song the show’s presenter, Grant Denyer acknowledged at the introduction that the teen hopeful had co-written.

“Doing a song he has actually written himself called ‘Yes I Am’, and proving why he deserves to be here tonight, is Jack Vidgen,” Grant Denyer was quoted by TV Tonight as telling the the AGT viewers as he introduced the teen sensation.

The teen singer, now dubbed as Australia’s answer to Canada’s Justin Bieber has again wowed the judges and more than two million Australian viewers who tuned in at this week’s pre-final episode.

Kyle Sandilands says the teen singer is a ‘star’ while Dannii Minogue claims he has a gift. Brian McFadden got the audience when he theatrically “admits he is annoyed” by the Vidgen’s talents.

“The kid can sing better than nearly anyone I know, he’s a charming, good, well-natured likeable kid, he’s now a songwriter,” AGT judge Kyle Sandilands said as he described Vidgen.

Sandilands was visibly shaking his head to express his admiration to the Aussie teen.

For Judge Dannii Minogue, Vidgen is “the biggest risk taker in the series”.

“Some people definitely have a gift - you have it,” Minogue said in reaction to the teen’s performance of his original song.

For his part, singer Brian McFadden could not hide what he referred to as “a bit of annoyance” of Vidgen who has been progressively showing his talents in his every performance.

“I heard you were singing your own song tonight and I was ‘Maybe…. I was getting really annoyed as to how perfect you’d been up ’til now. This kid’s a freak, and it was getting on my nerves because he was too good. Oh he’s writing his own song? There’s no way he can write a song as good as the other songs he’s covered,” McFadden took his time expressing his respect for Vidgen as an artist.

TV Tonight confirmed in a report that Vidgen co-wrote the song with Erina Clarke (the former vocal coach on Australian Idol and The X Factor). “Yes I am” was arranged by the show’s musical director, Dorian West.

Missed the show Tuesday? Click to watch the VIDEO and see for yourself if Jack Vidgen indeed deserves to be this year’s winner of “Australia’s Got Talent”.

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