Jack Trengove Out of 2014 Season for Injury

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Melbourne midfielder Jack Trengove suffered a huge setback after his injury led to navicular bone fracture.

Trengove, who was in peak form, will miss the rest of the season as he will undergo a surgery on Wednesday, April 16.   

The fatal injury has put the career of the 22-year-old midfielder in a tightrope. Reports stated that if the fracture doesn't get healed after the operation, he may have to permanently leave his sports career.

Trengove was sad after assessing the level of injury.

"When you get a phone call to say there's a crack in there it's shattering ... here was an element of relief there because I've been battling away ... thinking why can't I move the way I've moved in the past?" Trengove said.

However, Trengove is hopeful to return to the game.

"I'd love to be able to get back to the footy that I was playing back in the first year, free of any burden and just enjoying myself ... Hopefully when I get back fit and healthy I can contribute like that," he further added.

Meanwhile, the loss of Trengove ultimately helped Chris Dawes to begin his season. 

Dawes played his first match against Carlton and is looking forward to secure a solid position in the squad.

The impressive session of Dawes from Melbourne in the second season came as a big boost. He further mentioned his clear understanding of tactics helped Melbourne decide on their game plan.

"It gave us a reference point for our forward line to base themselves on," Dawes added.

 Dawes further expressed his sympathy on Dawes, stating it to be shattering news and showed his optimism of Dawes' return.

"He's determined he'll work through it and will come back better and refreshed which speaks volumes for his character," he further added.

Melbourne Manager Josh Mahoney is also optimistic of Dawes' return.

"He is a resilient character ... Jack's attitude has been outstanding this year, particularly in recent weeks while playing in the VFL, and for this to happen to him is really unfortunate ... At Melbourne, we've had two examples of players who have had this type of injury in Colin Garland and Jack Grimes and they both made full recoveries ... We expect Jack to make a full recovery, and be available for day one of pre-season training," Josh added.

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