Ja Rule Gay Rumours with Cell Mate: Rapper Proves His Love to Wife with Twitter Photo

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Rapper Jeffrey Atkins, popularly known as Ja Rule, dismissed rumours that he is gay and left his wife for a man he met in prison.

The rapper posted a photo on his Twitter account hoping to put the gay rumours to rest and set the record straight that he and his wife are very much together and in love. The rapper tweeted a photo of him and his wife kissing with their middle fingers flipped. And he also wrote, "Sorry to disappoint all the haters who want the rumors to be true so bad lol.Merry Xmas stupid love Mick&Mal.Lmao".

Since the rumour broke out, the rapper took to Twitter to deny the unfounded allegations. He tweeted, "OK I guess I have to address the idiots these rumors are FALSE LIES made up by some non mf factor website CLOWNS lmao..."

The internet was on fire last weekend with rumours claiming that Ja Rule is gay. The rumour sparked thanks to Ja Rule's wife, Aisha. She announced the claim during an MTV documentary called "Married Life After Prison."

 "He wrote all them love songs and still don't know how to treat a b**ch... We spent ten-plus years building our marriage but it only took him two to decide he'd rather suck a d**k than be with his wife," said Aisha.

Ja Rule was released from prison earlier this year after he was sentenced for 28 months due to tax evasion. He was also sentenced to two years in jail for illegally possessing a semi-automatic handgun, discovered by police in his car after he played a concert in the city in 2007. He was incarcerated in Ray Brook jail in New York.

Ja Rule is not the first rapper rumoured to be gay. Last year, an explicit photo of Chris Brown has gone viral on Twitter. The photo showed the rapper having sex with two males. However, the rapper said that the photos are fake.

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