iWatch Release Date Update: Signs That Apple Will Launch the Smartwatch in the Fall

By @binibiningkd on

The much anticipated Apple wearable device for 2014, the iWatch has been rumoured to launch in September.

According to a report from Forbes, Apple fans may be able to don some high-tech smartwatch in 2014 for a reasonable price.

"We don't believe that Apple would price a smartwatch significantly higher than $299 given that the cheapest iPad mini is available at the same price. If the iWatch is launched as a companion accessory to the iPhone, pricing it at more than half the latest iPhone's price could prove too pricey for even the high-end Apple buyer," Forbes reports.

If Forbes' price forecast would hold true, the iWatch will not only be good news to Apple fans but also to the Cupertino tech giant, as it is expected to add $50 billion to the company.

The iWatch is expected to be pushed as an accessory to the iPhone, which means that Apple will tap into its existing consumers for market success, according to Forbes.

"The next twelve months will be a critical period for the acceptance and adoption of wearable devices. Healthcare and sports and activity trackers are rapidly becoming mass-market products. On the flipside, wearable devices like smart watches need to overcome some critical obstacles. Aesthetic design, more compelling use cases, battery life and lower price points are the main inhibitors. How vendors approach these challenges and their respective solutions will affect the wearable market far in the future," Joshua Flood, ABI Research senior analyst said.

Apart from the affordable price, Flood named function, style and battery life as determining success features of the iWatch.

Meanwhile, screenshots from 9to5Mac revealed Apple's Healthbook and reported that Apple hired fitness and medical health experts, which led many to believe that the iWatch will have a myriad of health and fitness features and functions.

Fashion-wise, Apple has proven its ability to launch aesthetically pleasing devices that appeal to its fans. However, thus far, there are no official leaks of what the iWatch will look like, but there are tons of concept photos on the Internet that shows what it might look like.

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