‘It’s Hard to Be Private When You’re Dating Kate Upton,’ Says Justin Verlander

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Kate Upton
Kate Upton arrives for the 50 Years of Beautiful broadcast special show in Los Angeles [Reuters/David McNew] Reuters

Justin Verlander and Kate Upton have been spotted quite a numerous occasions lately. They were first seen watching a hockey game. Then a few more outings together followed, from the Gasparilla event, Super Bowl parties, to an NBA game. It is pretty evident that the duo are officially seeing each other. They have been exchanging messages on social networks too.

The Detroit Tigers' pitcher seemed really reluctant to talk about his budding romance with Kate until baseball analyst Karl Ravech asked him about it during ESPN's Baseball Tonight that featured Justin's team workout in Lakeland, Florida, on Feb 18.

Karl asked Justin what has been the latest development between him and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, and his response was, "I've always been pretty private about by private life, and it is hard to be private, especially with her, but you know, I'm in a great spot and just looking to get ready for the season."

There aren't that many people in the world who get to date a supermodel. The vast majority of people in the world aren't really supermodels, and let's face it, only the biggest personalities will get the chance to date one. As Justin pointed out, he is in a great spot. It is every man's dream.

Following his core muscle repair surgery in January, Justin started his spring training on Feb 24. He threw a total of 48 pitches to two minor-league hitters, right-handed Craig Albernaz and left-handed Daniel Fields.

According to the 31-year-old baseball athlete, he is recovering and progressing well since having his surgery. He no longer needs to cope with any lingering pain from the area where the operation was carried out.

Justin is doing to best that he can to keep his body in top shape because he reportedly just doesn't want to be ready on the Tigers' first game, but he'd like to be prepared and ready for the Opening Day.

The Major League Baseball (MLB) 2014 Regular Season will kick off on March 22 in Sydney, Australia, between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Justin's team, Detroit Tigers, will begin its season against the Kansas City Royals on March 31.

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