It’s Happy 'Belieber’s' Day

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Justin Bieber's massive fanbase celebrated "Belieber's Day" on Twitter. The "Beliebers" a term called for Bieber's fans, created a hype on the said social media site with the  #HappyBeliebersDayAllAroundTheWorld ranking number two as of June 11.

"Beliebers" on Twitter proclaimed their support for the young artist despite his issues regarding racism, reckless driving, vandalism, and smoking Marijuana. They made collage of his pictures while comparing themselves to a family who had been through ups and downs. They expanded this sentiment by saying that they found a sister and a brother in fellow Beliebers.

Aside from having their own celebratory day, "Belieber's" have shown their love for their idol through creating fan sites, writing fanfiction, and quizzes to recognize if the person was a bonafide Justin Bieber fan. Three years ago, Facebook page was established to encourage fans to wear purple shirts and purple hats to display their support for him. Charlie Jones, a 14-year old singer from London, wrote a song entitled "Belieber for Life" and gathered over 400,000 views on Youtube.

The fans were also known for writing messages of anger in Twitter to people who disliked Bieber. Their intense fandom also stirred a fight between them. They also fought for his shirt, pictures, and autographs. In addition to that, pictures of fans hurting themselves flooded Twitter for the campaign, "Cut for Bieber" in 2013.

The fanbse started when Justin Bieber posted videos on Youtube. Scooter Braun, a marketing executive, discovered him and from there, the latter rose to fame. He has had over 16 million followers on Instagram and over 52 million followers on Twitter. But it was not all fun and glory for Bieber. He got involved in several controversies, which made the public angry toward him. But still the Beliebers remained united and strong for their idol. This fandom got more fortified when the artist was reported to be baptized for his religion.

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