Italian Nun Singing Alicia Keys Song on Reality Show Becomes Latest Viral Phenomenon on YouTube

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A nun from Sicily has become the latest Internet sensation with her singing skills.

Sister Cristina Scuccia stunned the judges of the Italian version of The Voice. She sang one of the Alicia Keys songs, and the video of the performance was viewed by over 30 million people on YouTube within a week. The latest viral phenomenon has all the possibilities to outsmart Korean pop star Psy who became a legendary name with his Gangnam Style video that reached 10 million views in 3 weeks. Eventually, it received nearly 2 billion hits.

Italian rap singer J-Ax, who is one of the judges in the show, literally had his jaws dropped on the floor when he heard Sister Scuccia singing No One, a hugely popular rendition of the U.S. singing star Alicia Keys. The Daily Mail called Sister Scuccia's voice "heavenly" which incredibly impressed J-Ax who told Sister Scuccia that he would have become a pope if he had a nun like her at Sunday school. J-Ax was fast to take Sister Scuccia in his team and said that they would become an "unbeatable" force together. He called his collaborative efforts with Sister Scuccia as the "Devil and Holy Water."

Another judge asked Sister Scuccia if she was really a nun, to which she replied, "very real indeed." Sister Scuccia said that she had a gift, and she came to "give it" to them. Sister Scuccia also said that she would definitely expect a call from Pope Francis after her performance. Sister Scuccia might not have sounded overly ambitious by expressing her expectations of getting a call from the pope as he does have a habit of talking to nuns and parishioners over the telephone, the Daily Mail reported.

Sister Scuccia is from a small town near Palermo. She was offered to star in a musical about St Ursula when she was just 17. Sister Scuccia said that she had felt that her life was changing after each performance she gave. She continued to learn dancing and singing and even auditioned for the X-factor. Sister Scuccia told Italian newspaper La Repubblica that she followed the pope's advice to reach out to common people. Her singing was a means of doing so, she said.

Watch her singing HERE.

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