It is Snowing in Canada and It is April

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Snow covers a log cabin off Highway 36 in the City of Kawartha Lakes in central Ontario
Snow covers a log cabin off Highway 36 in the City of Kawartha Lakes in central Ontario April 15, 2014. Most of the province saw snow this morning one of the latest spring snowfalls in recent history. REUTERS/Fred Thornhill

It is snowing in Canada. Yes, it is April in Canada as well.

Canada seems to have been experiencing some of the most extreme weather conditions in its history. It is still winter in central Canada. It is still snowing. There seems to be a tricky game that nature is playing with the Canadians. While they had temperatures in 20s and skies lit up by bright sun by the end of the weekend, there was winter in full flow. There was wet snow and freezing rain in Ontario on Tuesday morning, CTV News reported. Even though forecasters claim that this is the last bite of winter which will be gone for months after the weekend, Canadians may find it hard to believe due to what they have seen recently in terms of climatic conditions.

Environment Canada issued a special statement that cautioned the southern part of Ontario against an Arctic cold front which was expected to sweep through it on Tuesday, April 15. It was also expected that the arctic sweep would bring sub-zero temperatures, ice pellets and freezing rain. The snow was expected anywhere between 5 cm and 15 cm. According to the agency, driving conditions would deteriorate fast due to snow and freezing precipitation. Motorists were warned against "hazardous winter driving conditions" with "low visibility." The statement also cautioned motorists against accumulated snow on untreated roads.

Rainfall warnings were issued in parts of the Maritimes and southern Quebec. It was expected that there would be rainfall anywhere between 25 mm and 60 mm. Certain low-lying regions could also be flooded due to the conditions, the federal agency forecast. Residents were asked to stay away from creeks and rivers. The agency, on the other hand, confirmed that such conditions would be temporary as winter is expected to leave the country. Normalcy is expected to prevail by the end of the week.

According to senior climatologist Dave Philips, Canadians are sick of snow after several cities experienced the coldest temperature in history recently. He called the present weather conditions as a "one-day wonder."

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