Istanbul, Turkey Days of Protest: CNN Turk Aired Penguin Documentary while Riot Happens (VIDEOS)

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The protest in Istanbul went through its 6th day today. Protesters continue to battle police's excessive use of force -tear gas canisters thrown anywhere among others.

While accounts of protesters being hurt and beaten by police, CNN Turk was airing a penguin documentary, The Daily Dot revealed.

The issue did not go unnoticed by CNN iReport which immediately came up of the headline: "CNN Turks shows documentary on penguins while CNN International reports Istanbul."

The news went, "Why does CNN International show live coverage of the protests in Turkey, while CNN Turk show a documentary on Penguins? How is this even possible? How can it ignore the police brutality - there are dozens and dozens of clips? How can it now show the broad sections of Turkish society, when PM says it is only a group of radicals? How can it collude with a government obviously out of control? Yesterday the PM admitted the police overreacted and there will be investigations. And today? It continues all over Turkey."

The documentary was created through installing 50 cameras around where the penguins are. According to CNN Turk, the documentary aimed to show "the true character of these birds." They put so much effort to have that message across; not wondering if there is a single soul watching the documentary, impressed. The local news network was 'intentionally' unaware (is there's such a thing) of what is happening in the streets of Istanbul

At the same time , one protester out in the street vandalized a building in Istanbul with the words "Devrim televizyonlardan yaymlanmayacak!!" using a spray paint. His message said, "THE REVOLUTION won't be televised."

According to The Daily Dot, local news networks and other form of media chose to be blindsided about the extreme police force employed to protestors since May 27 up until this very moment.

But the people in Istanbul choose not to surrender into this kind of information repression their local media were doing. They persist as they found means to air what was really happening in their country through the internet.

Although they were experiencing being blocked from Facebook, Youtube and Twitter they find means to sneak on posting videos of how violence is now devouring Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Eskisehir, Izmit and Bursa.

Some people found ways around to post on Facebook and YouTube without being blocked. Photos revealed the horrifying accounts of tear gas being thrown at unarmed protesters and there were police assaulting women.

In one particular video, a protester was already faced-down the street but the police continued to kick him and beat him on the head. People from other countries were all shocked by what is happening. Everybody wanted to help and take part in disseminating the information. This particular video obtained more than 130,000 shares on Facebook.

The Daily Dot, kept uploading and embedding videos into different portals as they fear that these videos may no longer be available in YouTube for long. YouTube had been blocking the videos because of being "shocking and disgusting content."

Meanwhile, Twitter users do their part through twitting and retweeting as much as information they can share.

See some of the videos below:

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