Israeli MP Ruth Calderon in Australia: Two-nations is Best Solution to Solve Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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A two-nation solution is the best way to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, according to Dr. Ruth Calderon, Israeli academic and politician, member of Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, for the new Yesh Atid party.

Dr. Calderon in Australia

Dr. Calderon is in Australia during the week to attend the Plenary Conference 2013 of the Zionist Federation of Australia and address a series of other gatherings.

Speaking on the other contentious issue of the status of Jerusalem, Dr Calderon favoured sharing of the city. It (Jerusalem) does not belong exclusively to Israelis or Palestinians but to God, he said

"On the day when the holy places in Jerusalem are able to be accessed freely by the respective faiths that hold them to be sacred, Jerusalem will be in much better shape in the eyes of God than if we keep saying this is ours, and can't be shared." Dr. Calderon emphasised the need to move away from paradigms of ownership.  

Permanent Solution Better than Permanent War

Dr. Calderon pointed out that the two-nation solution was the best recourse to solve Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It would enable Israel to remain both a Jewish and democratic state with the Jewish majority. It would give the Palestinians the right to live as free people, in a land where they feel respected as equal citizens. She emphasised that this will not be possible if Israel indefinitely holds on to the territory in captured in 1967.

Dr. Calderon is of the firm belief that there is enough land for both Israeli and Palestinians. Finding a permanent solution will always be preferable to war.

New Enlightenment

In a region ridden by conflict, Dr. Calderon has staunchly supported compromise and compassion. Her 10-minute inaugural Knesset speech in Feb 2013 got over 200,000 hits on You Tube making her an overnight sensation. She was heralded as the rise of the "new enlightenment".

Partnering the Jewish Diaspora

Her visit to Australia and address to the Jewish Diaspora reflects her beliefs that she expressed in an interview to The Jerusalem Post following her famous speech at the Knesset. "For me, Jews who live outside of Israel are necessary partners in building the Jewish state. It's the Jewish state, not the Israeli Jewish state. I want to hear their voice, take them seriously, and make this a place they're proud of." 

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