Israeli Military Women Post More Semi-Nude Photos After Reprimand

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Four misbehaving Israeli soldiers posted three more photos of themselves in Facebook, semi-naked while on-duty- just after being reprimanded by their officials about the first sexy photo uploaded a week ago.

The first photo uploaded show the female soldiers posing outside their barracks. They stripped off their pants down to their knees and their upper clothing rolled up to their chests. They showed their back bodies in the camera. This first photo was reportedly inspired by a photo taken in 2012 by other group of female soldiers posing wearing just their helmets on.

This time, the three recent photos showed the four female soldiers wearing just their underwear, few pieces of their combat gear, while their guns cover the part of their breasts.

According to the local news portal, Walla, three of the four women who are posing in the sexy photos were new recruits and was assigned in the southern part Israel.

Officials from the military assured those who were concerned that these girls were already being sanctioned for the first defiant photo posted. However, there was no confirmation if these four mischievous soldiers are going to receive a stronger punishment for the latest photos posted.

The officials chose not to give the specifics about the punishment to be imposed to the four racy soldiers but they made it clear that the women were lectured about professionalism. According to an official statement from the military, "The commanding officers disciplined the soldiers as they saw fitting."

In line with this, in order to prevent the same thing happening for the incoming recruits in the future, the military officials held series of lectures emphasizing the respect that comes with their positions.

The semi-nude photos were now provoking social media debates whether the photos indeed damaged the image of the military or the photos merely show the 'silly' side of the otherwise frightening war fighters.

One local columnist suggest that the girls should not be condemned rather commended because "instead of more pictures of war, better that the world should see photos of IDF soldiers being silly."

The said issue was the most recent scandal to blow the Israeli military.

It is to be recalled that in 2010, a group of soldiers posted photos of themselves dancing provokingly around Palestinian prisoners while some them were blindfolded.

Also last year, the Israeli's Army's social media chief suffered backlash and called as a racist when he posted a picture of himself bathing in the mud and captioned the photo "Obama Style."

Just this year, one Israeli soldier posed entirely naked holding a gun and tweeted anti-Palestinian slogans with the photo.

Such embarrassing incidents receive light sanctioned perhaps because most Jewish Israeli, both men and women, are required to give service to the military when they turn 18. Psychologists said that this age is still in the exploratory mischievous age.

 Israel is the only country in the world which required its women to serve in the military. Currently, the wome soldiers consist 33 per cent of the IDF soldiers and 51 per cent among its officers. They were given equal rights given to their male soldier counterparts. After undergoing five weeks of basic training, they work as clerks, drivers, welfare workers, nurses, radio operators, flight controllers, ordinance personnel and course instructors. 

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