Isla Vista Killing Gives Birth to #YesAllWomen Hashtag on Twitter

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Shortly after the incident of Isla Vista killing in Santa Barbara, California, the hashtag #YesAllWomen was born on Twitter. The 22-year old suspect Elliott Rodgers killed a total of six people and shot himself on Friday night.

Social media users then turned to Twitter to express their reactions which started from complain to male activist rights and has already grown to include physical harassment, gender relations, and other concerns. Twitter has already gone overdrive with 733,480 tweets per day for the hastag #YesAllWomen.

One Twitter user @Cool_Tweetsss said that the hashtag #YesAllWomen is the most important hashtag the user has ever seen. The opinion of @martynlenoble resounds the above-mentioned post as he stated: "I'm reading #YesAllWomen tweets. By far the most powerful, humbling and moving hashtag I've ever seen."

Men and women alike shared their opinion on the social media. One user @wilw mentioned that the hashtag #YesAllWomen is not about women vs. men but it is all about good vs. evil moment. The user proudly salutes his male friends who understand about it.

According to an article from CNN, Rodgers left behind a chilling 140 page manifesto which he emailed to his parents, one of his therapists, and a dozen other people prior to the killing spree. The document describes in full details the suspect's hang-ups on his parent's divorce, his negative perception of his height, and frustrations on women's rejections.

The suspect also uploaded a video on YouTube entitled "Retribution" which detailed his plan of "slaughtering" women at a sorority house at the University of California.

His mom, Lichin Rodgers read the email and saw the YouTube clip. She called her husband and dialed 911 and together they set off to Sta. Barbara, California but it was already too late to save their son from committing the deadly rampage.

Local County Sheriff Bill Brown explained in an article from NPR News that the chaotic killing incidents happened in a total of 10 different locations. At the first crime scene, Rodgers stabbed his three roommates in their apartment. He also shot two students of UC Santa Barbara who were just standing outside the Alpha Phi sorority house using a gun which was legally purchased and registered under his name. He also killed another student in a deli which was located near the campus.

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