ISIS Kidnaps, Sells Women as 'Sex Slaves' While Obama Declares U.S. Mission Not Over Yet

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A Christian Woman, Who Fled From The Violence In Mosul Two Days Ago, Holds Her Daughter As Her Baby Sleeps At A School In Arbil, In Iraq's Kurdistan Region
A Christian woman, who fled from the violence in Mosul two days ago, holds her daughter as her baby sleeps at a school in Arbil, in Iraq's Kurdistan region June 27, 2014. Reuters/Ahmed Jadallah

As ISIS continues to take over more towns in Iraq, at least 500 women believed to be Christians were allegedly kidnapped from Mosul to be sold as "sex slaves." Reports said the Islamic militants have overrun Qaraqosh, Iraq's largest Christian city. Believers have reportedly flocked to the city to escape the militants.

A spokesman from the Kurdish forces said ISIS has kidnapped Yazidi and Christian women to be turned as "Sabaya" or "war booty slaves." He added that ISIS also plans to sell the women. According to accounts of witnesses, the most beautiful of the kidnapped women were handed to "ISIS princes."

In a report by CNN, Qaraqosh is about 20 miles from southeast Mosul with a population of 50,000. Since ISIS has invaded the city, members of the Christian community have fled like the people of Mosul.

In other reports caught on video, an eyewitness tells of girls jumping to their deaths after they were raped by Islamic militants. A woman said three of her daughters were raped then allowed to return to Mount Shingal. She told media that her daughters urged people to "kill" them but no one had responded. They committed suicide instead.

U.S. President Obama has announced the ISIS siege of Iraq against religious minorities has been "broken" but the mission did not end there. Mr Obama said he expected the airstrikes and a specific operation at Mount Sinjar to wrap up. However, he declared that U.S. involvement will not end there as ISIS continues to strike violence against the people of Iraq.

He said airstrikes will continue to protect American facilities and remaining personnel in Iraq.

U.S. politicians have expressed their fears of an impending attack by ISIS on American territory. According to a statement from U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham, unless a more "decisive action" was taken against ISIS, the terror threat will always be present.

Reports said ISIS had slain at least 500 Yazidis for refusing to denounce their religion and convert to Islam. U.S. lawmakers believe the Islamic militants will continue to remain a threat to the United States. 

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