ISIS Captures ‘Younger & Prettier’ Yazidi Women to Force for Marriage

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A woman holds a cross during a rally denouncing what protesters say is repression by the Islamic State militant group against Christians living in Iraq, in Berlin
A woman holds a cross during a rally organised by Iraqi Christians in Germany denouncing what they say is repression by the Islamic State militant group against Christians living in Iraq, in Berlin, August 17, 2014. Reuters/Thomas Peter

ISIS militants seem to be trying to marry captured Yazidi women.

According to witnesses, the captured Yazidi women were divided in to two groups. ISIS militants made two different groups on the basis of their ages. Now there is a group from older women and another for younger ones. The younger women are apparently being prepared for being ISIS militants' brides. However, the condition is that the women convert themselves to Islam before being "eligible" to get married to any of the Islamic militants.

Meanwhile, the U.S. administration continues to help the Iraq government so that the native army can recapture the Mosul Dam. U.S. President Barack Obama officially informed Congress on Sunday, Aug 17 that his government had authorised airstrikes in the Middle-Eastern country. He said that the authorisation was issued for "limited" airstrikes. It was meant to help the Iraqi Security Force fight against the ISIS expand further.

According to the statement of Caitlin Hayden - spokesman for the National Security Council, Obama worked in accordance with the War Powers Resolution while authorising the airstrikes, which came after the Iraqi government made a request to the U.S. government to do so. The WPR demands for Congressional approval for the U.S. president to get his country into war.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron said that Britain had to consider working together with Shia Iran for dealing with ISIS Sunni militants. According to Cameron, the ISIS was trying to form a "terrorist state" between Iraq and the Mediterranean. This may turn out to be a worrying sign for the United Kingdom, he said.

In the meantime, over a thousand women in Iraq were captured by ISIS which took control over the city of Mosul in June 2014. The Islamic militants have been particularly interested in capturing women. According to witnesses, they have targeted younger and prettier women. If the women agree to convert to Islam, they will apparently be given a secure life along with a Muslim husband.

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