ISIS Apparel For Sale, High On Market Demand

People Walk In The Old City Of Istanbul
People walk in the old city of Istanbul August 11, 2014.

Men's clothing and accessories with the ISIS logo and slogan is high on market demand in Istanbul, Turkey.

Men's T-shirt, sweatshirts, cargo pants emblazoned with ISIS logo and slogan are on sale in a discreet store in Istanbul, Turkey. Accessories similar to the famous green bandannas worn by ISIS fighters, wrapped around their heads, are also on sale.

The store, Islami Giyim, is popular among the adventurous type of youths, especially those leaning towards the Islamist insurgency. The Islami Giyim's Facebook page is already being followed by 6,400 fans.

"I am responding to a market demand. This is Islamic clothing. What else can I say?" the store owner, who refused to give his name, told Joseph Dana of the Slate.

The stores had been selling the ISIS clothing for months now with the owner saying that business was good and that he has plans of opening branches across different locations in Istanbul.

The most in demand item from the store is the black T-shirt with the slogan "There is no God but Allah" written in white letters. The slogan is widely seen on ISIS flags and banners.

"This is Islamic and that is why I carry it here. For some this brings to mind ISIS and jihad, for me I see the Prophet Muhammad," the owner said when asked about the obvious connection of the slogan to the ISIS.

"I am not an ISIS member, nor have I ever been one," the owner clarified.

He also said that he was surprised about the attention from the media that he was getting nowadays.

The Islami Giyim reflects the large support for the ISIS in Turkey, one locale told Dana.

"They have a lot of support here. Obviously, we have our own problems [as refugees], but I am sure that ISIS will turn its attention on Istanbul at some point. The sad thing is that they [the Turkish government] will have no one to blame but themselves if anything happens," the locale said.

The pioneer in selling ISIS-inspired apparel is the Indonesian company Zirah Moslem with clothing priced under $15 on average. However, the company's Facebook page had already been taken down from the site for violating its terms and service. The company now sells wholesale to retailers from different countries.

Meanwhile, Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said that Turkey is not taking ISIS threats against the Ataturk dam seriously.

"Turkey makes its own decisions about energy policy. I do not take it seriously as Turkey sees Baghdad as the partner to negotiate with."

Yildiz made his comment following a report from Vicenews where ISIS a spokesman, Abu Musad, threatened to invade Istanbul if Turkey continues its halt of water supply from the Ataturk dam.

"If they do not consider it now, we will consider it for them by liberating Istanbul," Musad threatened.

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