Isabella Cruise To Abandon Dad Tom Cruise For Mum Nicole Kidman


Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's adopted daughter Isabella Cruise is reportedly leaving Scientology. She is now spending more time with Nicole, who was reportedly forbidden to contact Isabella and her other adopted son Connor when she split from Tom in 2000.

Earlier this year, Isabella's boyfriend Eddie Frencher left Scientology's highest order, known as the Sea Org. Apparently, anyone who left their organisation is shunned by the remaining members.

This leaves Isabella at an awkward position because it is almost certain that her dad would shun her boyfriend, and would order her to do so.

And if the time comes that she is asked to choose, it would seem that she would abandon her "Top Gun" star dad, who is a staunch supporter of Scientology, to be with Frencher. After all, she has apparently already reconnected with her other parent. has quoted the June print edition of Globe, in which the paper said that Isabella has been spending quality time with her A-list mum and her two half-sisters, 4-year-old Sunday Rose and 3-year-old Faith Margaret. She has also been going to the studio with Keith Urban, Nicole's country superstar husband.

Various reports have claimed that Nicole also received the same treatment from Scientologists when Tom divorced her. She was shun by the religion, and was allegedly threatened not to contact her children with Tom.

Last year, Isabella, 20, opened up in a rare interview with New Idea, denying that she wasn't on speaking terms with Nicole.

"I love my mom. She's my mom. She's great. I see her sometimes and I speak to her. We're a very close family. I love all of our family."

If the report is indeed true and Isabella decides to cut ties with Scientology, then Tom would suffer another loss. His last wife, Katie Holmes, filed divorce from her last year, taking their 7-year-old daughter Suri with her.

Katie, who is Catholic like Nicole, is now raising Suri in her religion.

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