'Iron Man 4' Rumors: Ben Kingsley To Play Trevor Slattery After Marvel's 'All Hail the King?'

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After Ben Kingsley appeared as Trevor Slattery in the last part of the short movie entitled, "All Hail The King," rumors emerged that the fourth Iron Man film could already be underway.

Co-writer Drew Pearced cited the possibility of a new Iron Man movie in an interview with I am Rogue. "At the end of the short, there will definitely be a lot of exciting places that are brought up in it that could go in the Marvel universe," Pearce said.

"You know, whether it is an Iron Man film or another one going into phase two or phase three." Jon Favreau's Iron Man and the Iron Man 2 are both directed to the existence of the Mandarin's Ten Rings as a real terrorist organization.

Kingsley also made a little fun of his character in an Entertainment Weekly article published just recently. "I'm actually worried about [Trevor]," Kingsley gave some humor. "I visited him in rehab and I told him not to be worried because he was going to be in a short!"

Although in jail, Trevor seems to be comfortable in prison where he is reportedly enjoying his new status as a celebrity after successfully impersonating the Mandarin.

A filmmaker named Scoot McNairy also visited him and rumors said he is interested in making an in-depth documentary about his life. Kingley said he loved playing Trevor because the character feels "beautifully conceived by Drew and Kevin."

Kingsley drew some laughter from the fans before bring serious again, revealing that his portrayal of the character was somehow inspired by the Royal Shakespeare Company actors he met up at the pubs with after-shows that just would not shut up.

"All Hail the King" is in the DVD extras for "Thor: The Dark World," where Pearce mentioned about Mandarin's appearance in all Iron Man movies. "It is weird. The idea for the short film was there before any kind of storm in a teacup after our Mandarin reveal," Pearce said.

"What is actually interesting too is that the evidence of a 'real' Mandarin is all laid out in the Iron Man movies, as well as all the things we said around the release of the film. The Ten Rings are part of Iron Man 1, they appear in deleted scenes in Iron Man 2 and we are very specific about the fact that he is a real guy that exists in the world."

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