Irina Shayk Reveals She’s Not Interested in Other Men Because BF Cristiano Ronaldo Has Everything She Needs

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Irina Shayk
At number 4 on the Maxim 2014 Hot 100, Irina Shayk has experienced difference in beauty regimes. REUTERS

Sports Illustrated model Irina Shayk is a faithful girlfriend to Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. For Irina, her boyfriend means everything to her that she doesn't even bother to glance and check out other guys than him.

According to a report by TV3 Xposé Entertainment, the 28-year-old Russian model spoke to Gala (German) Magazine where she revealed his loyal admiration to his boyfriend of four years, Cristiano. She told the German magazine that she is not interested in other guys because has everything she needs. Irina said that her footballer beau has a great bod, so she is not really looking for good-looking men out there.

"I've got all I need and therefore I'm not really susceptible to that kind of temptation," said Irina.

Even though Irina acknowledges Cristiano's physical features, she said that those qualities aren't really enough to make her fall. A guy should have a good sense of humour. He must be charming and a real gentlemen too. These are the traits that, Irina thinks, make a guy sexy. Irina also likes chivalrous acts albeit some people thinking that chivalry is too old-fashioned and patronising. The typical courtesy that guys do showing good manners and just treating a woman like a lady, such as opening the car doors and pulling out chairs at restaurants impress Irina.

Irina also revealed to the magazine that she is not worried that Cristiano is coined as a metrosexual. "I think it's very sexy that my boyfriend takes good care of himself," said Irina. "But, if Cristiano starts secretly taking my creams, he's got a problem," she added.

Irina and Cristiano have been together for four years now. Like other girls who is in a serious relationship, Irina is dreaming of starting a family with Cristiano soon. She said she would like to be a mother and have many kids. She said she wants live with in a big house near the ocean.

Irina is the face of the 2014 Spring Beach Bunny Collection. Click here to see Irina's pictures for the swimsuit ad.

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