Ireland Baldwin Topless with Gigi Hadid in Raunchy Photo Shoot

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Ireland Baldwin is sure giving her father Alec Baldwin sleepless nights. In a recent photoshoot, the fresh and upcoming model went topless along with GiGi Hadid and a male model. The photo shoot was for Sisley Jeans and showed Ireland making love to swimsuit model GiGi and the male model in the stable.

In one photo Ireland is seen in a floral summer dress as she lies in an intimate position with GiGi in a pile of hay. In another photo Baldwin's little girl is seen in a black dress, black shoes and socks and making out with the stable boy Simon Nessman.

In another black and while shot, Ireland is seen topless while kissing the male model as GiGi stands away.

These pictures for Sisley are reported to quote: "the story of two girlfriends on a road trip who encounter a sexy cowboy before a debaucherous love triangle ensues."

GiGi and Ireland are besties and they reportedly had a blast during the shoot of the brand.

"This was the first job where I truly had a blast," said Ireland to Vogue. "To work with your best friend made everything easier, comfortable and more fun. We laughed, we joked around, and we gave each other advice. I love what the brand represents and stands for. It is very much in line with my personal style which made it totally easy for me."

Meanwhile in regards to choosing models like Baldwin, Italian brand Sisley's creative director Pier Davoli suggested that he looks for people who have strong personalities.

"I'm not a fan of choosing models just because of their great looks," Davoli told the magazine "What is really important for us is who they are: they need to have great, strong personalities and be real people. We choose them because they perfectly represent the Sisley woman: sensual, unconventional, modern, confident and cosmopolitan."

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