Iraq's Unearthed Idu City and other Top Forgotten Ancient Cities Around The World [SLIDESHOW]

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Various archaeologists from the northern part of Iraq have recently discovered a long lost city called Idu. NBC News reports that the city was found under a mound as its inscriptions and other works of art lead to the revelation of its palaces. Its exact location is in a valley by the banks of the Zab River with its remains dating back during the Neolithic era, the times when farming was first seen in the Middle East region of the world.

The name of the unearthed Idu City was only discovered when one of the villagers saw an inscription of it in 2008. By then excavations were made from 2010 to 2011 and the excavating team and experts published their findings in the latest edition of the Anatolica.

Apart from the unearthed Idu City, there are also other forgotten ancient cities around the world that are worth noting. Some of them are as follows below and check out the slideshow for more pictures:

Ciudad Perdida is a forgotten ancient city located in Colombia. Its name means Lost City and it was founded in 800 AD. It is made up of terraces and tiled roads with tiny plazas in circular forms. It was believed to have been left out when the Spaniards conquered the country.

Troy is another ancient city that comes with a legend too hard to break. It became popular due to its inclusion in the epic poetry of Homer called the "Illiad." According to the story, this place in northwestern Turkey is where the exact Trojan War transpired. It is made up of ruins in different layers.

Caral is seen in Peru and considered one of the most forgotten cities within the Americas and believed to have had residents between 2600 BC and 2000 BC. During the Norte Chico civilization, the Caral was recognized to be one of the biggest cities then. It has six platform rounds within its giant plaza.

Babylon is an ancient Mesopotamian empire and a city located on the Euphrates River. Its luxurious construction was credited highly during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar who was also behind the creation of the Hanging Gardens. Now, all that is seen of it is a huge mound of buildings made in mud-brick and other debris found in the plains of Mesopotamia.

Mesa Verde which features popular dwellings in cliffs inhabited by the ancient people of Anasazi. It was during the 12th century that they began creating houses within the caves and even under the rock formations.

These are just a few of the many other forgotten ancient cities around the world that can impress any tourist who stumbles upon it.

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