iPhones: 20 Ultimate Tweaks to Improve Battery Life

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Over time, Apple iPhones have gone through various changes of having improved processing speed, richer build, better connectivity and effective imaging aspects to its handsets.

But Apple's battery has remained unchanged for years. iPhone 4S houses a 1432 mAh battery while iPhone 5 and 5S house 1440 mAh and 1560 mAh batteries, respectively.

Currently, smartphone manufacturers try their best to squeeze as many features as possible in every smartphones including budget phones. Many smartphone users will always use their phones and eventually drain the battery. Hence having a solid battery in the smartphone helps to a great extent.

To get improved battery use, here are some tweaks one could take to reap the benefits. The main reason iPhone does not have the best battery specification could be Apple stresses on the phone's slimmer design.

As phones get slimmer, there is less space for batteries. To counter this problem, here is a list of tweaks that would help iPhone users fend off the battery problem.

1. Turn off all forms of "vibration" in the phone. Navigate to Settings -> Sounds -> Disable.

2. According to Know Your Mobile, turning off all "running apps" does not extend the battery life. Apparently, it takes up extra RAM to disable the apps, which in turn eat up battery.

3. The iPhone display is powerful and efficient. Lowering the display brightness will not give too much of hindrance to the user. Users can disable auto-brightness. Navigate Settings -> Wallpapers and Brightness -> Disable/Turn Off.

4.  Use location sharing services sparingly when required. Disable the frequent location learning option. Navigate Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services -> Disable the Frequent Locations option.

5.  Shut down iPhone "battery percentage" service. It depletes the battery life faster. Navigate Settings -> General -> Usage -> Disable/Switch Off.

6.  Siri is a useful digital personal assistant but the "Raise to Speak" option is not used frequently hence disable the same in most cases. This option can be disabled. Navigate Settings -> General -> Siri -> Disable/Turn Off.

7.  The most overlooked options include the automatic music downloads, app downloads and app updates. They are huge battery guzzlers in the background. Disable them. Navigate Settings -> iTunes & App Store -> Disable/Turn Off.

8.   Apple iOS 7's 3D/Parallax effect will deplete battery. This option can be disabled. Navigate Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Reduce Motion -> Turn On.

9.   Disable the 4G/LTE option. Navigate Settings -> Cellular -> Disable/Turn Off.

10.   According to BGR, Apple iPhones have a great Wi-Fi power management system. Wi-Fi uses lesser battery power than cellular data connection. Enable Wi-Fi if you are in the Wi-Fi zone.

11.   If you are located out of network coverage area for a prolonged period of time make sure to disable Wi-Fi option.

12.   This is the most underrated trick. Reduce the "Auto-Lock" time so that the display turns off in 1 minute. Navigate Settings -> General -> Disable.

13.   Disable the Bluetooth option when not in use. Swipe up from any screen -> Control Center -> Disable/Turn Off Bluetooth.

14.   Disable the AirDrop option when not in use. Swipe up from any screen -> Control Center -> Disable/Turn Off AirDrop.

15.   Disable 'background data/app refreshing' option. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Disable Background App Refresh.

16.   Make the connected email accounts to "fetch" data instead of "push" data. Navigate to Settings -> Mail, Contacts & Calendars -> Fetch New Data, in addition, disable Push Data. The same should be repeated for all the connected email accounts.

17.   Turning on the Airplane Mode helps in saving the battery. In this mode, iPhone will stop sending and receiving data and calls.

18.   Facebook app is a battery guzzler. Disable Facebook's Location and Background App Refresh to save battery. To read more about why Facebook eats up battery - Click here

19.   Apple provides its users an extended battery life test for iPhone 5 and above. The test takes only a few minutes to complete, but it can list down the necessary information about the battery usage. Also, if there is a defective battery (by default), Apple will replace the same.

20.   Use an external iPhone casing like "Mophie's Space Pack" to power your iPhone. To read more about Mophie's Space Pack - Click here.

Do you have any other tip or trick to add to the list?

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