iPhone Wakes You Up To the Smell Of 'Bacon'

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One of the best and "feel-good" innovations of the new iPhone can wake you up not with its sizzling sound, but with the real smell of bacon.

iPhone can now disrupt your slumber in the morning with a scent of bacon, courtesy of Oscar Mayer which launches the bacon alarm clock for the new iPhone. The terribly wonderful iPhone can tease you with bacon smell and get up feeling hungry.

How 'Wake Up And Smell the Bacon' Works

We think it will still take time for a smell-producing smartphone, but trust the genius minds of Wienermobile marketing that developed the baconator called "Wake Up and Smell the Bacon."

From the Oscar Mayer Institute for the Advancement of Bacon, the baconator is filled with a liquid of bacon scent. The tiny accessory will then slide into the iPhone's or iPad's or iPod's headphone jack. Add a companion app, set the time for alarm and fill yourself with heavenly bacon-filled air in the morning. The sizzling sound may not be enough as those who have checked it are addicted to the device. They said it actually smells better and more realistic than expected.

How To Get One

The gadget is pretty good in creating curiosity and as if Oscar Mayer has not done with their teasing yet, the strange device cannot actually be purchased for now. You just have to stop craving for those salty heaven strips and go into their Wake Up and Smell the Bacon Web site between March 6 and April 4. Check if you can score yourself, get bonus points then trick your roommate or spouse to think you made breakfast for them.

This is not Oscar Mayer's first time to have some fun with the still booming obsession of bacon-mania. It presented an e-commerce site last year which encouraged people to give bacons as gifts on Father's Day with an amazing Say It with Bacon promotion.

A few months back, Pop Secret popcorn played with the senses with a Poptopia plug-in and app pairing that give off the smell of popcorn.

What about adding eggs to your morning bacons?

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