iPhone vs iFone: Apple Loses to Mexican Tech Firm

By @ibtimesau on

Apple, the technology world's Goliath, lost in a legal battle with a David in the form of a Mexican tech firm that rolled out a mobile device named iFone.

A court in Mexico denied on Tuesday Apple's bid to protect the iPhone name in a lawsuit that began in 2009. Apple sued the Mexican company because the latter's iFone has same sound which creates confusion to consumers.

However, documents showed that Apple introduced the iPhone to Mexican in 2007, four years after the Mexican telecom registered the name iFone. With this loss, iPhone could be prevented from being sold in Mexico.

There is, however, a glimmer of hope for Apple because the information about the registration which company really listed first the trademark is being analyzed with the international recognition of the trademark class.

Nevertheless, Apple's defeat in the trademark battle may cause the U.S. firm to lose potential consumers in Mexico. The lawyer of the Mexican firm even contends that Apple would have to compensate the company for the use of the iPhone name.

"It is the third time that Apple loses and this demonstrates the legal truth: iFone is within its full right to use its brand," a statement from the Mexican tech firm said.

Apple has registered trademarks on its various products ranging from computers to mobile devices. iOS is the operating system used by Apple which consists of high security, exclusive features, and application filtered by Apple.

Among these trademarks are iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac which all have reached almost every single part of the world with loyal followers every single update, improvement, and changes of these devices.

The classic iPhone vs IFone battle only confirms that everyday popular world-class device manufacturers will sell powerful devices but some of their trademarks may have namesakes in other nations which may have registered ahead of the global brand.

Despite the legal loss, one bright spot for Apple is that it continues to enjoy good sales in other parts of the world. Reports said that in India, after the Friday launch of iPhone 5, most of retailers have sold out their stock within 24 hours of the roll out. Apple initially shipped between 10,000 and 15,000 units of the iPhone 5 to India for the launch.

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