iPhone Hacker Reveals More About Untethered Jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2


iPhone hacker and developer pod2g says he may be able to release an untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 and users  eagerly awaiting an update.

The iOS developer published a recent post providing more details and information about the untethered jailbreak in the format of question and answer. Below is a copy of the blog post of pod2g.

How could pod2g have an untethered 4S and dev teams still haven't released tools to achieve this at home?

The exploit I used to inject the untethering files to the 4S relies on having a developer account, and can't be released publicly.

It's the same reason why @MuscleNerd has an iPad 2 tethered jailbreak but couldn't distribute it.

So, we need to find a distributable exploit to remount the system partition read/write and to set Corona files at the correct places.

Why A4 version of Corona was easier to release?

Because a tethered jailbreak is a good way to install Corona!

Why don't you do a tethered jailbreak then?

A tethered jailbreak also relies on an exploitable vulnerability that we still haven't found yet!

pod2g, release this stuff quick, [your insult here], I've waited enough now.

If I could, I would!

Initially, pod2g confirmed that his version of untethered jailbreak for the new mobile operating system iOS 5 will not work with iPhone 4S and iPad 2 because the devices both have A5 processors.He said that he is working on the untethered jailbreak for the latest generation of iPhone. In a post he published, he wrote, "The untether fails right now because I'm having processor cache issues. I'm close, but I can't figure out what happens. It certainly has something to do with the Cortex-A9 cache management. I could sort it out quick, it's a matter of chance. I'll report you my progress tomorrow." However, iPhone 4S and iPad 2 users were still hopeful of the new improvements on the untethered jailbreak. 

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