iPhone 6/iPhone 5S Patent Reveal Scanner in Bezel, Large iPhone 5.7 & iWatch Teased in Concept Videos


There may be a new type of technology brewing in the rumor mill for the upcoming iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S, and this time, it's embedded within the bezel of the device.

A new patent has surfaced, this time focusing on a physical fingerprint scanner built into the device bezel. The previous rumors of a fingerprint scanner have focused on the home button, as way to strengthen the security of the phone by doing away with mere traditional password options.

Phones Review reports that this new scanning technology will make use of sensors via pixels from a 2D array, with the scanner embedded within the bezel frame.

However, considering recent rumors of the release date of the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 being nearer than anticipated after the price cuts for current models were done by some retailers and carriers, this type of technology may not necessarily make its debut on the next iPhone.

Concept Video for iPhone 5.7 reveals possible large iPhone

Many have thought that the iPhone 5 successor would either be the rumored iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, but now, a recent concept video has introduced another potential iteration, this time dubbed as the iPhone 5.7.

The iteration number is based on the predicted screen size, which would be 5.7 inches, undoubtedly a potential competitor to the likes of Samsung, reports T3.

In the concept video, it is also shown that the screen resolution is pegged at 1920x1080 megapixels, which is 18.5% much more pixels for every inch compared to the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5.7 is also a step into the gaming industry, as it will be powered by an A7 chip, and the Retina Display will not only make for better videos and photos, but also a better gaming experience.

Browsing has also been improved and optimized for Safari, and backed by the iOS 7

Though just a product of a concept video, Gotta Be Mobile also brings up previous rumors of a large iPhone to battle the large screen phones, though there have been no official announcements as to whether or not the claims have any substance.

iWatch gets a concept video

Not much has been said about Apple's iWatch, though there have been hints at Apple's WWDC that the company may be looking at more than just its usual array of devices by delving into wearable technology.

In this concept video, made by Refael ben Zikri and Ran Avni of ConceptsiPhone at YouTube, you can see some possible features and software integrated with the iWatch.

iOS 7 was included in the concept video as the operating system that will be running the device. Those who want to stay fashionable with the wearable technology can do so, with the sleek black strap and body, perfect for those who do want to wear the iWatch as a real watch.

Screenshots of the iWatch have also revealed how the iOS 7 would look like through the device's 1.6-inch screen display, with a resolution of 480x480 megapixels. Aside from these features, the device also sports a 3-megapixel camera.

Best of all, the concept video creators made a prediction of the price point of the iWatch, putting it at roughly $149 when it's released.

However, one thing that's missing with the video is the list of potential functions for the iWatch--is it an accessory gadget, a remote for the Apple TV, or something else?

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