iPhone 6C 'Curve': iPhone 5S Similar Performance, Upgrades Engineers May Include Curved Body and Display

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Apple may reconsider bringing back the iPhone trending C variant this year to accompany iPhone 6. However, the low sales performance of iPhone 5C in the market pose disappointment which could kill the variant. Is iPhone 6C more worthy than iPhone 5S or will major upgrades create the best-selling point?

iPhone 6C vs. iPhone 5S

iPhone 6C is expected to run the latest iOS version on the iPhone 6 which happened on iPhone 5S and 5C but the design factor could be the same with iPhone 5C, made of plastic to make it cheaper than the flagship variant. However, iPhone 6C may hold the same performance level of the iPhone 5S as the iPhone 5C is the repackaged version of iPhone 5.

If Apple follows this pattern for the iPhone C line series, fans may decide to buy the iPhone 6C instead of the metallic iPhone 5S due to equalled power but cheaper price on 6c.

Upgrades to Expect

Since the history prospects similar performance capabilities on iPhone 6C versus iPhone 5S, thereS are several upgrades which could differentiate the two. Notable improvements on the hardware are expected, new multitude of camera functionalities and exclusive apps from iOS to bring convenience could separate iPhone 6C from iPhone 5S.

  1. Upgrades on the camera aperture and megapixel.

  2. New processor chipset with 64-bit support

  3. Upgrade on the graphics processing unit.

  4. Larger display screen and thinner bezel.

  5. Improvements on the display resolution and pixel density.

  6. Possible added security feature such as Fingerprint Sensor.

  7. More design and colour schemes than iPhone 5C.

  8. Better battery life.

  9. Faster Internet connection over Wi-Fi if MIMO is enabled.

  10. Bigger RAM capacity.

In addition to technical specifications, iPhone 6C may also bear lighter weight and thinner size compared to iPhone 5 or 5C.

Design Concepts

Designers are now featuring their best concepts regarding the screen and exterior look of the iPhone 6C. It seems like iPhone 5C did grab enough fans due to its fancy colour schemes and more stylish look than iPhone 5 even made out of plastic.

Design 1: Just iPhone C

One design concept names the cheaper iPhone 6 as simply as "iPhone C" rather than iPhone 6C. It features same multiple colour schemes, multiple coloured wallpaper to match the exterior colour, near-zero bezel on the screen, weighs around 116 and measures 7.1 mm in thickness with screen size stretched up to 4.7 inches.

Design 2: iPhone 6 Curve

Second design concept features the same colourful schemes found on iPhone 5C but boasts a curved body instead of the traditional candy bar form and near-zero bezel. Curved body sports curved display similar to what LG and Samsung did with G Flex and Galaxy Round, respectively. Curved display brings immersive viewing experience for HD videos and gaming with much more details to see compared to standard screen.

Possible Release Date

During the first quarter of 2014, iPhone 5S outsold 5C which Apple didn't expect to happen as the device is much cheaper but boasts the latest iOS version.

"It was the first time we'd ever run that particular play before and demand percentage turned out to be different than we thought. We sold more 5S than we expected,"  as admitted by Tim Cook on iPhone 5C's under performance, quoted by MacWorld.

If the demands for iPhone 6C expected sales forecast is lower than the flagship which happened on iPhone 5S and 5C, Apple may not decide to produce the cheaper model and could simply focus on further innovation of other iPhone 6 variants for the year.

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