iPhone 6, the Winning Bet to trump Samsung and Nokia?


The iPhone 6 is obviously a much-anticipated phone, but it seems that Apple as a brand also represents loyalty among its current users.

In a study of 16,000 smartphone users conducted by Yankee Group in the US, it was found that iPhone loyalty almost seems unbeatable, with 91% of current iPhone users responding that they will opt for another iPhone when the time comes to buy. Only 6% in the sample would opt for an Android device.

This was a bigger set of numbers, compared to what the Android study has yielded, with only 76% of the sample opting to stick with Android and 24% thinking of switching to other mediums, and a whopping 18% won over by the iOS.

PhonesReview reports that this may then result to the iPhone overtaking Android in just a few years, despite the slow rise of Samsung in terms of beating Apple to the competition.

Given the mixed reviews that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has received and the anticipation and hype that consumers still have for the iPhone 6 and even the reported refresh iPhone 5S, it seems that Apple is just continuing to simmer in a steady success.

This may even be strengthened by the imminent reveal of the iOS 7 and the iPhone 6, which, as reported by The News Tribe, is that it's not impossible to except the Swype keyboard to also be made available when the time comes for the iOS 7.

This is further strengthened by Aaron Sheedy, Swype vice president, who answered on his Reddit regarding having the Swype keyboard for Apple devices, "Hah. The million (ok billion) $ question. Yes, we have chatted with them, they are very smart and nice."

Can this be the break that Apple's reportedly decline in sales may be waiting for, wherein loyal iPhone users may just be waiting for the revamped iOS and the feature-packed iPhone 6?

In terms of its other possible competition, the much-rumored and also anticipated Nokia Lumia 928, WM Power User reports that even accessory makers are on their way to pushing the hype further as more accessories for the Lumia 928 surface.

The latest of these involves the Luxmo protector case that provides the case that perfectly fits and allows for maximum button and maneuver control for the user--for just $1.19.

It seems that Nokia is also hoping to get a share of the Android and iOS community of users with the many mobile releases that it currently has. But based on the numbers of the Yankee Group study, Nokia may have a long way to go of cutting off a good portion of that share.

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