iPhone 6 Will Not Ditch Wireless Charging? Patent Report Says Wireless Charging Feature is Revolutionary, June Release

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Apple’s upcoming flagship phone, iPhone 6, may feature wireless charging contrary to earlier reports. A new patent sighting reveals that Apple is interested in manufacturing wireless charging docks. The patent reported focuses on wireless charging docks for mobile devices. Additionally, the tech giant will reportedly include additional smart features to the dock on top of wireless charging.

According to a report from the New York Times, Apple has been working on building smarter batteries for their iPhone and iPod series. The company has continued to work on smarter batteries for a time.

As tech companies experiment with wearable devices and thinner builds, battery technology becomes limited. Battery technology and size have always been a problem in the production of smart devices. The need for better battery configurations is supported by Mujeeb Ijaz, chief technology officer at A123 Systems. The company manufactures batteries for electric cars.

"That need wasn't there five years ago," he added. "Now it's a matter of the market and the developers coming together and saying, what is the need and how many R&D dollars do we put in?," he added.

Apple will be addressing this need through a new wireless charging system, according to Apple Insider and the New York Times. The company has acquired a patent for iWatch and induction charging. Coupled with the sapphire technology and reported solar cells, it seems Apple will be pushing for wireless charging on its devices. Despite the patent focusing more on the iWatch, analysts believe the tech giant will incorporate the technology on all of its devices including the iPhone 6.

According to a report by Forbes, the charging dock will react according to the position of the mobile device. For example, putting the display on the mat will prompt wireless charging. Putting the device with the display up, on the other hand, will prompt wireless charging along with data syncing.

Apple will reportedly announce the device during the Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Some analysts believe the company will want to surprise the market and change its release timeline. However, the company has not released any official statements about it. Other analysts think Apple will likely release the device around September. The company has followed a similar timeline for the release of its smartphones for the past couple of years.

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